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Rules, Divisions, and Other Show Information

Rose City Live September 7, 2019

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Time: Setup: 7:00 am. Show begins at 8:00 am SHARP.

Eligibility: This show is open to anyone to enter (no membership required) and to all brands & types (plastic, china, etc.) of equid models, figurines or statues. Judges shall not compete in divisions they are judging. Show management and/or their relatives shall not compete. A judge who customized a model shall not judge that model in any class.

Entering/Deadlines: Mail a completed and signed entry form with appropriate fees to the address on the form. Please make checks and money orders payable to Vicky Harms. Paypal is accepted, please email for details.  Entries due by August 23, 2019.  Entries may be received up until the day of the show (with an additional late fee), permitting there is available space.  Contact show holder prior to attending to be sure space is available.  Entry forms postmarked after August 23 are considered late and entrants will have to pay for parking on show day as they enter the Portland Expo Center lot (see Parking below). There are a set number of tables available, late entries risk being turned away.

Divisions:  Each model may only enter 1 breed class and 1 non-breed class (workmanship/collectibility). No cross-entering of halter divisions.  A model may enter several performance classes.  Class splits are at the judges’ discretion.

CUSTOM HALTER (CM): For models that have been touched-up, repainted, etched, remade, haired or any combination of these; all sizes.  Artist resins and original sculptures and custom glazed china shall NOT compete in this division. Please see AR and Custom Glaze below.

ARTIST RESIN HALTER (AR): For artist resins & original sculptures, all sizes.
ORIGINAL FINISH (OF) HALTER DEFINED: For factory finish models, no touched-up models (added socks, blazes, etc.) allowed; models that have been rubbed with baby oil or similar product will be penalized or disqualified at the judge’s discretion.

◊  OF BREYER/OTHER PLASTIC: Open to Traditional and Classic scale Breyer, Copperfox, Hartland or other plastic equids. NO Peter Stone models. NO minis.

◊  OF PETER STONE: Open to all sizes of Peter Stone plastic models.

◊  OF MINI HALTER: Open to models that are 4” and under.  Includes Breyer LittleBits, Paddock Pals, Stablemates, Mini Whinnies; Micro Minis; Hartland Tiny Mites; Schleich.  No Peter Stone Chips or Pebbles.

  OF CHINA/RESIN: For all original factory finish china/resin/porcelain horses. Customized chinas, according to the above criteria for “Customized models”, and custom glazed chinas shall compete in the CM Glaze China Division.

CM GLAZE CHINA: All customized or custom glazed china/porcelain horses.

PERFORMANCE DIVISION: Only a horse shall qualify in performance classes. Other animals may be used as props, and multiple horses may be used, but only one horse shall have a tag and that horse shall be the only horse to NAN qualify.  AR/CM models and OF models will compete together.

Basic Judging Criteria: OF Halter: condition, conformation, breed type, color (not value, collectability, rarity or age). CM Halter: condition, conformation, breed type, color, workmanship. Performance: suitability to event or task portrayed; appropriateness, fit, adjustment, detail of tack & props; placement of model in relation to props. Collectability: rarity, collectability, condition, and age. Documentation is required for all Collectability entries. Workmanship: quality of sculpting, painting, shading, and detail work done on custom models. If you have an unstable horse, you may lay it on its side, however this gives unspoken permission for the judge to pick up the horse as necessary to examine the other side.

Class/Division Order: Multiple divisions will be judged simultaneously on separate tables. Table markers will indicate division for each table. The day starts with OF Mini, OF Breyer/Other Plastic, Performance, and China divisions (OF China, followed immediately by CM Glaze). OF Stone division, Custom halter and Artist Resin halter divisions will start after lunch.  Typically both OF Mini and OF Breyer/Other Plastic will run all day.

Refund Policy: Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. In the past I have given refunds of entry fees (partial or in full) when showers were unable to attend due to circumstances outside of their control (illness or family emergency).  The earlier I am notified the better as then I can hopefully provide another shower with the table space.

Halters: Are not required in breed, but if used should fit properly and be appropriate for the breed.

Foals/Yearlings: May enter foal/yearling breed classes only. They may also enter their appropriate Collectability or Workmanship class.

Entry Limit: No Limits.

Class entry limits: 3 models per entrant in Breed Halter, 3 in Performance, and 3 in Collectability/Workmanship Classes. Exception: China Divisions are limited to 4 per class.

Leg Tags: You must provide and fill out your own tags. String tags should be at least 1″. Please print neatly on tags in blue or black ink.  Each entrant will be assigned an exhibitor identification code (Tag Saver Program is allowed, and preferred.)  Please provide an e-mail address to get your code if not participating in the Tag Saver Program.  You must provide a list of models with tag numbers to the show holder prior to the show, or on show day (see final page of packet).

Mark your tags with your code letter, model number and model’s breed.

Example, if Code = K, Model # = 12, and Breed = Morgan

 Judges:  To be announced – will be posted to website and Facebook.

Awards:  Ribbons are available for places 1 through 6. Laminated flats will be used in show rings. Rosettes for Champion and Reserve Champ, rosettes for Grand and Reserve. Any other items to be announced.

Results: Results (1st – 6th) will be emailed to all entrants after the show within 3-4 weeks.

NAMSHA Member Show : 1st & 2nd place equids will receive tickets & qualify to compete at North American Nationals (NAN) in 2020 through 2024. Models that qualify in halter breed can enter halter breed at NAN; those that qualify in performance can enter performance at NAN; those that qualify in collectibility/workmanship can enter collectibility/workmanship at NAN. Owners of qualified models must contact NAMHSA for entry forms/procedures.  NAMHSA will announce when to do so.

Time Limits: 3 minutes maximum preceding halter classes; 7 minutes maximum preceding performance classes.  Judges will be asked to enforce time limits.  We have lots of classes to get through so being prompt at getting models onto and off the show tables is essential.

Raffle:  Donations are welcome!  Donors of raffle items get a half-page ad in show program and our eternal thanks. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the show for $1 each or 6 for $5.  If you are reading this, email the show holder for a free raffle ticket as a prize and thank-you for reading the rules.

Advertising: To place an ad in the show program, fill out the appropriate section on the entry form and send in with your copy ready ad (email okay), entry and payment. If you are donating a raffle item, you receive free ad listing.  If you wish to sponsor a class or championship please indicate that on the entry form.  Your name will be listed in the show program.

Selling/Trading: You may display models, tack, etc. for sale or trade on your table; sales only tables are $45 each but are limited as entrants get priority. Contact show holder for availability.

Adding/Changing Models: Any changes/additions must be provided in writing to the show-holder on show-day.

Lunch: We will break around noon for 1 hour regardless of where we are on the class-list. There are many restaurants in the area.  Depending upon other activities going on at the Portland Expo Center, there may be lunch options on site.  I will provide an update closer to the show date.

Parking: If your entry is postmarked on or before the August 23, 2019 entry deadline, parking is included in your entry fee. You will receive an all day parking pass from the show holder in the mail the week before the show. If your entry is postmarked after the deadline, parking will be your own responsibility. Parking is $8 when purchased at the entrance to the Expo Center and does not include in and out privileges.  Extra parking passes can be purchased from the show holder for $8 if requested before the entry deadline.

Proxy Showing: Proxy showers are welcome and must conform to the same entry guidelines as other entrants. The proxy entry fee is $25. No show table or parking is included. Indicate on the entry form who your proxy shower is. Entries due 9/7/19.  There is no late fee for proxy entries.

Alcohol: Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be allowed in the show hall.

Animals: Live animals are not allowed in this section of the expo center, with the exception of Service Dogs.
All items are subject to be changed or revised as show date and details become closer.


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